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EasyP2P will make it possible to do payments without any intermediaries. EasyP2P is supported both for payin and payout.

The recommended way to integrate EasyP2P is to use our Hosted Cashier UI. There are two ways to do this explained in this guide.

Hosted Cashier Integration: Using this solution only require one API request for creating a payment session and to get a redirect link returned to our Hosted Cashier UI.

  1. Create a payment session with required information about the payment.

  2. Redirect the user to the link returned to complete the payment.

For payout there is one additional step. The payout needs to be confirmed either by using the API or the merchant portal. This step is by default mandatory for all payouts becasue of security reasons. Contact your account manager if this is not a required step for your payout flow.

Hybrid payment link: A hybrid solution provides the possibility to create a link to the Hosted Cashier with a pre-selected payment option. It requires two additional calls to our API to select the payment method and a possible suboption.

  1. Create a payment session with required information about the payment and get all available payment option returned.

  2. Get all the suboptions for the selected payment option.

  3. Request a hybrid payment for selected payment option and suboption. A url is returned to the Hosted Cashier.

  4. Redirect the user to follow the instructions and complete the payment.

The hybrid solution is at the moment not available for payouts.

Useful Test data can be found here for testing the integration.

See also the API Reference for detailed information about each endpoint.